Payday Purchases

Payday means one thing- a makeup splurge! This paydays target was the local Urban Decay counter with the intention of purchasing a new blusher I’d been eyeing up the previous week. Despite my good intentions of purchasing said blusher I left the counter with four new items (oops). I purchased a Afterglow blusher in the shade Obsessed, the Ultra-Definition loose powder in the shade medium light and finally a lipstick and pencil both in shade Weirdo.


 I’ve been keen to try an Urban Decay blusher for some time, especially after loving their highlighter. Obsessed is a bright candy-like pink which claims to last for 8 hours. I can honestly say that even after this time the blush is still in-tact, so I’m very impressed. It’s worth noting that this product is very pigmented, a little certainly goes a long way but I’m loving using it in creating both relaxed day-time looks and a more intense night out style.

The last thing I needed was another powder, but anything that promises to give my skin a smoother more flawless look I can’t resist. I certainly wasn’t disappointed here! I wouldn’t say that the powder gave any additional coverage, rather it created a blurred effect as if air brushing my skin whilst leaving it feeling silky and shine-free for hours. I’ve tried this powder on top of both the All-Nighter and the One and Done foundations and was impressed with the results on both. So overall I would definitely say to give this product a go!

Anyone who has been to an Urban Decay counter will know how vast the choice of lipsticks is with 120 being launched in the summer. Having previously being impressed with the sheer shade of Brat but wanting something with a little more staying power I settled on the shade weirdo, a creamy nudey pink! Despite having been a makeup lover for the past 10 years a lip pencil is never something that stood out to me as a product to try. However feeling in a spendy mood I decided to give it a try opting for the exact match to the lipstick. I enjoy the more defined look it gives my lips but I’m convinced it’s something I need in my day to day makeup look.

Payday wouldn’t be complete without a meal with the work girls (ribs and cocktails-yum!). I decided this was the perfect time to try out my new products as I opted for a relaxed look. Below you can see the full products I used in my natural relaxed look! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first blog post!

Rosie xxx



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