LVL Lashes

Happy Friday! I have to share an amazing treatment I’ve had on my eyelashes this week- LVL.

I love the look of long, defined volumous lashes! I can’t resist trying new mascaras and my nights out aren’t complete without a pair of fresh falsies, so this treatment was right up my street! LVL stands for lift, volume and length (the pics will show you it does what it says!). I’ve been curious about trying LVL lashes for around about 2 years and I’m not sure why I’ve been holding off. I got the procedure at The Beauty Loft salon in Lincon town centre, it was priced at £50 however I did receive 10% student discount. The price of LVL does vary across salon however I think this is a pretty standard price.

A couple of days before my appointment I received a patch test to ensure I had no sensitivity to the products, luckily no irritation however it did leave a bruise like looking stain on my arm for about 5 days! Not the best but can deal with that in the quest for the perfect bambi lashes. The procedure itself took around 1 hour, with your eyes being closed the whole time. I could of easily fell asleep during this if it wasn’t for the sense of someone prodding around my eyes every minute or so. I can’t honestly tell you what the procedure was as I couldn’t see a thing but it wasn’t unpleasant or uncomfortable in anyway and the hour soon past! The women doing my treatment explained I could have either a complimentary eyebrow tint to hand and arm massage. I opted for an eyebrow tint, I wasn’t expecting to receive an extra treatment and I was so impressed!


The image above shows the immediate look of my lashes afterwards. Unfortunately on the day I was dealing with a monster hangover and completely forgot to take a before picture, but can assure you there was a big difference.

I was advised to avoid getting my lashes wet for 24 hours (causing a panic as I left the salon to a rainy Lincoln). I was also to avoid using mascara for 24 hours and swimming and steam for the next 48. Although I loved the look without mascara, I looked awake and fresher than usual, I couldn’t wait to see what could be achieved with a couple of coats of mascara!



I’m so impressed with these results! No mascara has ever been able to give me such length and volume. The best part has got to be the lift though, whenever I curl my lashes the weight of product seems to cause them to drop in a couple of hours but these aren’t moving. I’ve heard different reviews around how long this effect will last but the majority claim between 4 and 6 weeks. I was advised to have a top up eyelash tintin 3-4 weeks and informed LVL could only be completed every 8 weeks. I am obsessed with the results and wish I hadn’t held out so long. This treatment would be perfect for a holiday, special occasion or just a hungover Tuesday afternoon when you need a pamper. If you’re based in the Lincoln area I really recommend The Beauty Loft, the staff were friendly, professional and the student discount is a massive perk! I know I’ll be back in 8 weeks for another round- I’m hooked!



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