The ones that didn’t make the cut

Hello and happy Monday! Hope everyone has had a fab weekend! I feel like I’m feeling getting into this blogging business now and decided to post something a little different. I love sharing with you the products I’m loving but today I’ll share with you a few that I felt let down by. 

Last week I invested in new makeup storage which naturally felt like a good time to have a sort out. Never one to be a hoarder if I’m not impressed then a product has to go (any excuse to buy more too).


The products I got rid of included; NYX Angel Veil, Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolor, Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder and finally and The Real Techniques bronzer brush.


First up Angel Veil, this was bought on impulse after testing it on the back of my hand a noticing a similarity to Benefits Porefessional (which is my go to primer). I think I paid £12 for 30ml seeming a bargain to the £24.50 I pay for 22ml of Porefessional. I should of know this was going to be too good to be true! It’s not so much that this product is bad it just doesn’t compare. Porefessional is a A* product, it makes my skin feel amazing, makes applying foundation a breeze and really does minimise the appearance of pores around my nose. I’m sorry NYX but you can’t compete on this one.


Next up Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolor, another impulse buy (I’m noticing a trend here). These were on display by the tills in Boots and for £8.99 I thought I’d give it a go. I HATE this product, the colour is lush (flirt) but apart from that I have nothing good to say. It feels so drying on my lips and sort of seperates. Basically I couldn’t leave my flat whilst wearing this. Still wanting the the look of a cream lipstick without waiting for a Kylie lip kit to be delivered I gave NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in the shade Tea & Cookies a go. Priced at £6.50 this is such a great bargain buy, the colour is perfect for both day and night, it’s not drying and I get a good 4 hours wear before it needs a touch up- this I really recommend.


Initially I was happy with the Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder in the shade golden beige. Priced at £8.99 this is a great powder to chuck in your bag for touch ups during the day. I was happy with this until I discovered Estée Lauder Doublewear powder… OMG I am in love with this compact powder! The packaging is beaut, much nicer to whip out my handbag for a quick touch up. I love this powder so much I got it in 2 shades on for my natural pale skin and one for when I’ve been hitting the sunbeds. Okay at £33 this is no bargain but trust me it’s so worth it, it not only keeps shine at bay but almost airbrushes my face. I use this product several times everyday and it’s lasting so well! If you want a good quality powder in gorgeous packaging this is for you, sorry Bourjois but you’re going in the bin.


I’ve been using the same old bronzer brush ever since I got into makeup. I seem to think I got it from superdrug probably paying no more than a tenner but it’s always done the trick. Real technique brushes have become a firm favourite of mine over the last couple of years and I thought it’s time I upgraded my bronzer brush. I opted for the retractable version. The packaging looked fab and I couldn’t wait to test it out. I was so disappointed it made my bronzer look heavy and streaky rather than the soft natural look I’m use to. At £13.99 it wasn’t the cheapest option and didn’t compare with my trusty old brush. If somethings not broke why fix it ey?

Maybe I should take this post as a warning to stop impulse buying beauty products- but that’s never going to happen! What products haven’t made the cut for you?



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