Lush Haul

Happy Halloween! No ticks here, just treats! As it’s the end of the month and I’ve been paid naturally a haul was going to happen- this time it’s Lush! 

I’ve had the odd soap and facemask from Lush before, but I’ve never been mad on it. I popped in on a shopping trip in town with a friend and ended up staying in way over an hour- I couldn’t get enough.


The staff in my local Lincoln store were all so friendly offering to demonstrate products and recommending based on my likes and needs. I ended up purchasing daddy-o purple shampoo, happy happy joy joy condition, honey I washed my hair  shampoo bar, ro’s argan body conditioner and a lust solid perfume. Not bad considering I wasn’t planning on buying at all.


Daddy-o: I’m obsessed with getting my hair super blonde and it can all so easily turn brassy. Purple shampoo has been my saviour, usually I use a cheapy provoke one from Boots (which is fab). I decided to give this a go based on the sales assistant praising it so much. It cost £5.75 per 100g slightly more than I usually pay but nothing out the way. So far I’m impressed with this product! The smell reminds me of palmaviolets (yum), it creates a nice ashy tone to my hair and doesn’t dry it out.


Happy happy joy joy: This was recommended to me after complaining that my hair quickly loses the smell of products, as this is full of perfume. The sales assistant explained that the perfume in the conditioner will also release more happy hormones (can’t go wrong with that!). Priced at £9.75 per 100g this was more than I’d usually spend on conditioner but a girl needs treats, right? What can I say about this product? It smells amazing!! A tiny amount will create a long lasting gorgeous fragrance and I’ll be honest it actually puts me in a great mood. Almond milk is used to conditioner, despite my hair being 99% bleach and subjected to a lot of heat it doesn’t tend to get damaged so I found this nurishing enough for me however I don’t think it would do the trick on dry hair. I would definitely repurchase this product, perfect little everyday pick me up.


Honey I washed my hair: I’d always been curious about shampoo bars but were never convinced about their effectiveness. This bar as priced at £5.95 for 55g and will apparently last 100s of washes (total bargain!). I’ll be honest I didn’t care what this product claimed to do I was just in love with the smell. The smell is so sweet and girly and really lingers on the hair. The product is really easy to use, I rub directly into my hair and it soon lathers up. It leaves my hair feeling soft and clean for up to 2 days. The best part of this product is the scent though not only in my hair but my whole bathroom smells like honey now. You have to try this!


Ro’s argan body conditioner: Maybe it’s with being called Rosie, but I’ve always been attracted to beautiful soft rose scents and I think I’ve found a favourite. This was one of the first products I looked at in the store but was hesitant due to the £16.50 for a relatively small 225g pot. It smells so gorgeous and after testing it on my hand I was so impressed with the result I just had to have it. This has got to be my favourite Lush purchase. You use as a conditioner for the body, apply in the shower, leave a few minutes and rinse. This leaves your body silky smooth with a subtle rose fragrance- perfect. I’ve used this product 4 times since purchasing and would say I’m about a third of the way through. A little goes a long way (the benefit of being 5 foot I guess haha). One thing to note about this product is to make sure you give your shower a good rinse after or you’ll be going flying next time you step in!


Lust solid perfume: Lush have a wide range of quality fragrances  and I was really drawn to lust. This is has a grown up, sexy floral scent. I found this to be slightly over powering in the perfume but loved it in its solid form. This was priced at just £7, an absolute bargain! I haven’t been wearing this on my skin but rather applying to the ends of my hair where it creates a subtle scent that still packs a punch. I love the vintage look of this product and it can easily be popped in my handbag for an on there go boost!

I’ve been so impressed with my Lush purchases and will defiantely be returning soon! What’s your favourite Lush products??



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