NYX mini haul

At the moment I can’t pass the NYX counter without making a purchase! The prices are so affordable and the choice of products and colours are vast. Here’s a mini haul of this weeks purchases… First up The Curve!


This is a felt tip liner in jet black priced at £12. I felt this was slightly pricey for a drugstore brand but still a bargain compared to my usual benefit liner. I’ve been wearing eyeliner for the past 10 years and wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, who this product is aimed at. Despite this fact I gave it a go as anything to make getting ready that bit easier for 9am lectures is worth go in my eyes. The design of this product is fab its ergonomically designed to fit perfect in the hand. This makes application smooth and quick. However the actual consistency of this product I’m not impressed with, I find it smudges so easily and doesn’t sit too well. I don’t have over oily skin so it’s not a massive issue for myself but I can’t imagine this suiting anyone with oil prone skin. I love the shape of this but the product inside isn’t up to scratch so I wouldn’t repurchase. I would love to see a gel liner in this design though!!

Next up the wonder stick!

I love a contoured look, but have only ever stuck to powders before. Having heard good reviews about the wonder stick I decided I had to purchase this cult product. Priced at £10 you get a double ended product, one for contour and one for hightlight. I was torn between medium and universal, the contour shade were near enough identical but universals hightlight shade had a shimmer to it whereas medium was matte. I opted for medium due to have an abdunance of shimmer hightlights already. The packaging features a handy diagram of Vegas Nay showing where she applies the product (however you will need to adapt this to your individual face shape).


This product has a creamy consistency making blending a breeze, however this may not suit oily skin. I find this gives quite a subtle effect but I feel this could be build up for a more extreme  nighttime look. I’ll be honest for a night out I’d find myself using a powder contour kit on top but for a subtle day time look this is fab! So far I’m impressed with this product and would recommend it!

The last product on my haul is soft matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi!


I’m a huge fan of NYX for their lip products and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this shade for a while, but it’s always out of stock in my local Boots. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in stock again, it’s finally mine! Ahh this hasn’t disappointed one bit! Firstly is just £5.50 an absolute steal, secondly the colour is the perfect nude and finally this sits on my lips for hours without budging or cracking. I’m surprised that this product doesn’t dry my lips at all. It’s also worth noting this smells so good too, really sweet almost like toffee (yum!). Honestly can’t rate this enough, for the price you’d be crazy not to give it a go!


These are the products on! The lighting in my flat is awful making the effects of the wonder stick non-existent here (the joys of it being dark by 5pm). What’s your favourite NYX products?




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