Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss- Savage

Urban Decay have done it again- made me fall in love with another one of their products!!! This time it’s the Revolution High-Colour Lipgloss in the shade Savage. 


Once again I’ve been seduced by packaging. The actual box of the product is gorgeous, pictures can’t do it justice! The case of the gloss feels premium. I can chuck it in my handbag and feel confident it’s still gonna look fab. Another perk of this well designed product is that you don’t get a build up of gloopy gloss around the fastening (pet hate of lipgloss!).

While I may be a lover of beautiful packaging lets move onto the important part- the gloss itself.

I opted for the shade Savage- a Barbie style candy pink! In the tube the colour is quite intense almost neon, which could put off those who prefer a more subtle look. As you can see from the swatch the colour is much less intense than it appears in the tube. When applied on the lips this can actually give a lovely subtle candy pink tone, it can also be built up to give a bold bright look. This gloss is so versatile!!


This gloss feels gorgeous on, really smooth almost buttery (similar to NYX butter glosses). The best part of this gloss is that it’s not at all sticky, there’s nothing worst than a super sticky gloss which just seems to attract my hair!


Got to love a good dog filter! This gloss retails at £15 a fair price for the quality and both the product and packaging. I picked this one up for just £10.50 while Debenhams had a beauty promotion on- can’t say no to that can I?! I can a good few hours wear out of this gloss, usually just needing a retouch after eating or drinking. I absolutely love this gloss and will be definitely be purchasing other shades- especially while they’re on offer. If you’re looking to try a new gloss you should definitely check this one out!

Have you tried any other Urban Decay glosses? Let me know your lipgloss recommendations!



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